Club Circle

We cultivate world-class researchers.

Since we think that doing some activities during the working week as a refresh is also relevant for the fulfilling life.
We offer employees various clubs to lessen stress and also to provide an opportunity for them to interact each other.

Baseball club
-Named "Yokohama Three Stars."
-Saturday or Sunday Daytime during March~December
-Practice Session/Practice Match /Official Match(Tsurumi Citizen Cup)
Running club
-Entering the Ekiden Competition and other marathon games (according to individual levels from 3km to 42.195km)
-Practice session (e.g. running around the Imperial Palace)
-Participating in the marathon event as volunteer
Tennis club
-Practice two or three times a month
-Beginners are always welcome!
Basketball club
-Play basketball twice a week after work for having fun!
-(Practice Menu e.g.)Body stretch → Running shoot → 5 to 5 games.
Golf club
-Competition/Practice session at courses (Spring , Autumn)
-One of precious things about golf is from beginner to expert can play and enjoy it together.
Futsal club
-"Mini soccer" Played between two teams of 5players each, at about a quarter size of the soccer coat.
-Regardless of sex and age , you can always join competition with confidence.
-Practice 1 to 2 times a month
-Entering games once every 3 months.
Table tennis club
No matter gender, age and levels,
It is our motto to have fun in vibrant Waiwai Gaya Gaya!!!
Bowling club
Holding about 20 practice sessions throughout the year.
We are also participating in the bowling competition sponsored by Samsung Japan.
Photography club
We are a club that attracts photo lovers.
Regardless of good skill, even novices are welcome those who only have a mobile camera.
Fishing club
-We are the club for everyone who wants to do some exercise or get along with co-workers, even newbies with no tools are welcome too!
-You can enjoy sea fishing and mountain stream fishing.
-Volunteer activities for extermination of fish are also carried out.

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