We are actively involved in CSR activities and being responsible in every social aspects.

  • Tohoku Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Activities

  • Mt. Fuji Cleaning

  • The 3rd Osaka Marathon Volunteer

  • Cleaning up (Tsurumi River and Senri River neighborhood)

  • Cleaning up (Souseigawa Park, Sugitani Park, Shinsenba West Park)

  • Cleaning up (Enoshima Beach and Chigasaki Beach)

  • Extermination of Foreign fish species fish (Mitsugaike, Lake Biwa)

  • Mountain cleaning patrol (Minohyama)

  • Environmental preservation of Yagyu Street road

  • Experience learning support at Elementary school
    Visiting Retirement Home

  • Global Festa Japan Volunteer

  • Minoh Candle Road Volunteer


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