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If you are looking for the place where you can innovate the world, this is the place for you.

We are recruiting R&D engineers throughout the year in Yokohama and Osaka.

Research and Development jobs

Field Locations Job Description
/Surface Mounting
/X-ray, etc.)
  • Optical systems, Machines, Image Processing, etc.
  • Motion control system design, Control circuit design, Electronic circuit design
  • Mechanisms design
Physical / Chemical phenomenon simulation
(Semiconductor process / Manufacturing equipment)
  • Numerical calculation simulator development (Numerical fluid simulation)
New materials Research and Development -
  • Organic EL, Organic Semiconductor (Synthesis, Molecular Design, Analysis, Simulation etc.)
  • Organic CMOS sensor materials (Synthesis, Molecular design, Device design etc.)
  • Organic, Inorganic, Hybrid, Nano material
  • Optical film (Material synthesis, Polymerization, Process etc.)
  • Functional materials, Coating materials etc.
Secondary battery · Next generation battery -
  • Materials development for lithium ion secondary batteries (Positive electrode, Negative electrode, Electrolyte, etc.)
  • Battery cell design development for lithium ion secondary battery
  • Secondary Battery Materials for Electric Vehicles Research and Development
  • Next Generation Battery Research and Development (All Solid State Batteries etc.)
Refrigerator -
  • Refrigeration Cycle Research and Development
  • Mechanical design Research and Development
  • Functional component Research and development (Fan · Compressor etc.)
Air conditioner -
  • Refrigeration cycle Research and Development
  • Mechanical design Research and Development
  • Functional component Research and development (Fan, heat exchanger, etc.)
Washing machine / Dryer -
  • Performance Research and development (Fluid, heat, cleaning, etc.)
  • Vibration / Noise Analysis
  • Mechanical design, Electrical parts design
  • Analysis of sensor application technology
Compressor / Motor -
  • Structural design, Structural analysis
  • Thermal design, Thermal analysis
  • Magnetic analysis (Electromagnetic, vibration etc.)
  • Motor control technology Research and Development
  • Compressor design, Prototype, Evaluation

Key Qualifications

Field Job Description
Requires minimum 3yeras of R&D experience at makers, universities, research institution, etc.
Salary ·Salary will be determined by basing on the company rules and considering the job experience and ability.
·Bonus : once a year
·Pay raise: once a year
·Overtime allowance
·Full transportation coverage
Benefits ·Health Insurance
·Retirement allowance system
·Congratulatory or condolence payments
·Recreation Facility Discount
Holidays ·5-day work week (Sat/Sun off)
·National holidays, paid time off, New Year's vacation, Congratulatory leave, compassionate leave
Working time ·Flextime system(Standard working hours:7.5h)
Location · Yokohama ( 2-7 Sugasawa-cho,Tsurumi-ku,Yokohama-shi)
· Osaka (2-1-11 Senba-nishi,Minoh-shi,Osaka)
Selection Process Entry → Document Selection → Interview → Executive Interview → Assignment

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